Hadi Azarpira


Born in Maragheh / Iran in 1980. He is a professional tar-, setar- and oud-player, composer and director.

He is playing tar at the Hamnavazan ensemble, directed by Kayhan Kalhor. In 2016 the ensemble had a tour which took them to many cities all over Iran. Hadi Azarpira is also giving concerts as a soloist and he is a composer for ensembles such as the Adib Ensemble and the Rohab Ensemble. The Rohab ensemble – where he plays the tar – has already been in Europe to play at the venue De Centrale in Gent / Belgium. In 2009 it won the award for „the best Iranian ensemble“ at the Sougvareh Festival in Tabriz / Iran.

During his career he already had the chance to record and publish a lot of CDs. The latest publications are „RaheRouh“ (Spiritual Spree) composed by Ali Bahrami Fard, and „HinKaj-o-RastMiravi“ composed by Hadi Azarpira. On both albums he is represented as a tar player.

Hadi Azarpira is also teaching tar, setar and oud at schools like the Hamsaz Music Institute and the BagheNaghmeha Music Institute in Tehran.

Hadi Azarpira