Seyed Arash Shahriari

Tanbur, Tar, Voice

Seyed Arash Shahriari grew up in Kermanshah / Iran. His Father, Seyed Roknedin, taught him tanbur when he was five years old. He continued learning the Maqams of tanbur with teachers such as Seyed Qasem Mir Afzali, Seyed Amrollah Shahebrahimi, Baba Qolam Hematabadi and Shafi Khaledi Kimaneyi. He took singing classes with Seyed Morteza Molaei, and tar- and sitar-lessons with Ali Mohammad Khan Khazaei, Master Mohammad Reza Lotfi and Dariush Talaei.

Today Seyed Arash Shahriari is known as a traditional musician and expert in ancient Maqams of tanbur and Radif. Two albums called “Marsieye Aftab” and “Mashqe Name Leili” were released by him. He composed the film music for “Chiq” directed by Farhad Aslani, he made video clips called “Meimand” and “Soltanie", some of his music tracks were used for the film “Atashe sabz” and he made music for the theater performance “Shabe Hezaroyekom”. He corporated in a musical project called “Shoqname” with Mohammad Reza Darvishi.

Seyed Arash Shahriari developed his own way of playing and singing the Maqams of tanbur based on the schools of tanbur in Guran and Sahne in Iran. He studied modern and ancient methods of the tar. In addition to that he also has specific skills as an improviser.

He is doing research on the ancient methods of performances according to “Iqayi” (old) principles of music and founded the band “Rouhtaf”. They held artistic and scientific concerts in Iran and other countries in Europe, in America and in Asia.

In 2009 he attended the spring festival of the UCLA University in the US which was supported by the AED (Academy for Educational Development). There he was introducing his folk project about “Maqami” music of Iran in order to show the music to the world. During the same year he attended another summer music festival in France. He gave concerts as a leader of the ensemble “Navaye Zohre” in which Homa Mir Afshar was singing and Alireza Dezfoulian was playing the zarb. They had a performance in a festival held in the Philippines called “Rondalla”. There he also held two music workshops about an introduction to Iranian traditional music. He was invited to an international festival of Indo-European songs at the Moscow Tchaikovsky conservatory.

These days he is teaching tanbur, tar and sitar in his private home office. All tanbur players of the ensemble “Ruhtaf” are taught by him. They were selected among the students of Seyed Arash Shahriari and they were trained by Seyed Eskandar Shahriari. “Ruhtaf” participated at the Sufi music festivals in the Philippines and in Turkey. Their concert called “Mashqe Name Leili” at the Vahdat hall in Tehran became very popular. Their musical activities are continuously going on and they have plans for further concerts and album releases.

Seyed Arash Shahriari